Sunday, November 2, 2008

I write you.

The usual typos – jealousy,
detachment, hopes – were enough.
You entertained inadequacies in darkness
like a bishop: They were concrete; they
were not mentioned.

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Anonymous said...

hi jim,
i stumbled across your blog while i was searching for hope...'online'.it's a funny little world we live in, where we look for the abstract in the abstract,in intangible dimensions.
your writing is lovely, it opened up words in me that were struggling to come out.i used to write, but i don't know what made the words so hard to find again.
it's refreshing to read work like yours!
well, i've partly helped in fulfilling your wish that more people stumble upon your blog!
thank you for a adding a little sunshine to my day!
god bless,
m :)